By using our website, email and cell phone number provided by Cabo Exclusive Services, you agree to the terms and conditions

Privacy policy may be updated or modified without prior notice.



​The website, email, text, and cell phone number, are means of communication where the user can request information from all our services

You agree to use email or text as a means of communication, therefore all agreements, notices, information or communications sent to the user by this means shall be deemed to comply with legal requirements



According to the terms and conditions, the customer can request the cancellation of any service via email, text or a call. We can also cancel the service and it is not applicable for refund when the customer does not show up at the scheduled time and does not give notice.

At the time of using our services you must:

​Being of age.
Reserve 24 hours before the event day for selected Cabo activities.
otherwise we cannot guarantee the service.



Cancel 48 hours before the scheduled time, you will receive a 100% refund.
Cancel the same day or 24 hours before, not applicable for refund. 

We will send you an email when the cancellation of the service is complete and if you complete the requirements, you will receive a refund.


Credit card Information 

Cabo exclusive services require your credit card information only for reservation purposes. 

All payments must be done on the event day, at the activity location directly.